Friday, January 9, 2009

Thing That Make Me Laugh - Issue 1

Well I figured after seeing something tonight that really cracked me up, this would make a great series of blogs.

Series 1

I roll into the Walgreens parking lot and as I am looking for a spot, I notice this fantastic park job. This person must love their car so much that they would be so inconsiderate as to take up 2 spots.

Gotta Love it!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Is it.."just really a dog"?

Last night, Hunter ( my fathers dog ) got out and was wandering the streets of sommersett. Some kind soul hit him with their car and had the courtesy to move him to the side walk and remove his collar. Do you think they had the courtesy to call my they let him die on the side walk ...alone and without the comfort of his home. I understand that to some people, that its "just a dog". well to those of you out there who feel different, so do I. we have had hunter in our family for over 16 years. these days thats longer than most people are married for. It saddens me that we live in a society of a man or woman and fess up to your mistakes or accidents. This time...yes it is "just a dog" this time but for the love of god...people do this with people. Hit and Run....faggots in my opinion!!!!! well we are off to bury hunter on our property....bless his soul. he was a friend and a great companion to our family and he will be missed. I love and miss you hunter