Saturday, December 27, 2008

Heaven...Just A Phone Call Away

Technology is a wonderful thing but I believe it has a stronger hold on us than we would like to admit.

One night while in the arms of my lover, I began to think...about heaven. I asked her if we would still be married in heaven, she says no. For a moment I felt sad, then like a flash flood all these thought ran through my head. What else wont we have or be in heaven. It hit me like a freight train....SHIT! no iPhone in heaven, I am i supposed to remember appointments without my calendar on my iPhone...what am I going to do without the yellow pages app!...safari! contacts!...FACEBOOK..aaarrrggghhh!!!! Wow, that made me realize how much I depend on some dumb little electronic device to proceed through life. So much so that I felt it had a place with me in heaven.

-Focker Out!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008



1. I hate banks
2. I hate big business
3. Wells Fargo = Big business

with that said...somehow i find my self at the door step of Wells Fargo. One of the downfalls of one of my recent decisions is that i have to switch banks. I left what was my Cheers ( TV show (( Bank of the West)) ) to move to a much larger more impersonal establishment ( wells ).

Today I find out that along with a $35 fee for being over drawn, in the state of Nevada....they charge $5 per business day you are overdrawn. Its like being kicked in the balls and as your bending over in pain..Wells Fargo puts a cactus up your corn hole, stating " well since you were bent over..we figured, what the hell we will stick it to you again" . This is the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and the cactus, I'm sure I will be adding to this post.

Uh Oh!

Well, no one asked me to do here it is anyway